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Save the date! September 2020 ccTLD Community Webinar

24 August 2020

The ccNSO will host a webinar, targeted at newcomers from the ccTLD community and those who want to learn more about the work of the country code Name Supporting Organisation (ccNSO). The ccTLD Community Webinar is part of a series of pre-ICANN69 webinars, organized by the ccNSO. Learn more about the pre-ICANN69 ccNSO schedule here:

About the ccTLD Community Webinar

Are you new to the ccNSO, or would like to learn more? During this 1-hour webinar, the ccNSO Council Chair and Secretariat will help you to gain an understanding of the work of the ccNSO, what to expect from the ccNSO at the Virtual ICANN69 Annual General Meeting, as well as how ccTLD community representatives can participate in the important work that affects you and your region. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

There are two options to participate:

A recording will be made available here.

Learn more about the ccNSO: other resources

  • Learn more about how the ccNSO works, and check out the "Quick Guide to the ccNSO".
  • You may also enroll in the "Introductory course about the ccNSO", where you can read more, practice what you learned through quizzes, and find additional links and resources. Visit, ICANN's online capacity-development platform, and look for "ccNSO onboarding".
  • The recording of previous editions of the ccNSO community webinar for newcomers can be found here.