ccNSO Travel Fund Committee

ccNSO travel support is available for a limited set of travelers, to attend ICANN public meetings.

What are the requirements for applicants?

The applicant actively participates in the work of the ccNSO and contributes to its projects and meetings. Examples of contributions to the work of the ccNSO: an active engagement in a ccNSO working group, a presentation at the ccNSO member meeting, or other engagements that strengthen the activities of the ccNSO. Important: Applications which do not clearly state an active contribution, are not eligible and will not be taken into consideration.

More details about the selection criteria can be found in the applicable ccNSO Guideline, which can be found here.

What is included?

The number of travel support slots for the ccNSO is defined in ICANN's yearly budget and is published on the ccNSO website in the section dedicated to the ccNSO Travel Support Programme.

One (1) ccNSO Travel Support slot may be awarded:

  • On a fully supported basis (full funding), consisting of an economy class ticket to the travel destination, hotel costs for the approved duration of the trip and a per diem;


  • On a partially supported basis (partial funding):
    Option (a): economy class ticket to the travel destination. No hotel, no per diem;
    Option (b): hotel accommodation for the approved duration of the trip & per diem. No flight.

Applicants are asked to specify their preference for support on a full or partial basis. If the latter, they are requested to state a preference for option (a) or option (b). If several applicants request partial funding, more applicants can be funded.

Consult the list of ccNSO funded travelers, per ICANN meeting, here.

How to apply?

Apply here for ccNSO travel funding.

Application assessment

A subcommittee as part of the ccNSO Outreach and Involvement Standing Committee (OISC) is tasked with reviewing the applications for ccNSO travel funding and make an informed selection based on that. The sub-committee shall consist of three OISC members, namely one NomCom appointed Councillor, and 2 other Councilors, preferably from different regions.

The applicable ccNSO Guideline can be found here.


  • Javier Rua, NomCom appointee
  • Biyi Oladipo, .ng
  • Pablo Rodriguez, .gt
  • Bart Boswinkel – Staff Support
  • Joke Braeken – Staff Support

The applicable ccNSO Guideline can be found here.