Telephone Conference (28th April 2005)

Minutes - ccNSO Council Meeting

by Telephone

28 April 2005 – Noon UTC

In Attendance:


Chris Disspain

Bart Boswinkel

Hiro Hotta

Young Eum Lee

Olivier Guillard

Patricio Poblete

Dotty Sparks de Blanc

Fernando Espana

Paulos Nyirenda

Oscar Robles

Eduardo Santoyo

Ondrej Filip

Victor Ciza

Mohammed El Bashir


Giovanni Seppia (European Region)


Charles Shaban

Luis Furlán

Eva Frölich

Yassin Mshana

Bernard Turcotte


5.01 Following Resolution 4.11 from the Mar del Plata meeting and Council having received generally favourable feedback to the launch of a PDP IT WAS RESOLVED to call for an Issue Report on the question of whether the ccNSO should launch a PDP to consider recommending to the Board of ICANN changes to Article IX of the ICANN By Laws, the ccNSO PDP (Appendix B to the By Laws) and the ccNSO Scope (Appendix C to the By Laws) in order to encourage ccTLD managers who are not currently members of the ccNSO to join. In drafting the Issue Report the Issue Manager should consider amongst other things the letter from CENTR [].

5.02 IT WAS RESOLVED to appoint Bart Boswinkel as the interim Issues Manager. Bart will serve as Issues Manager at least until the completion of the Issues Report.

5.03 IT WAS RESOLVED to form a Council sub-committee to act as a steering group for the PDP and to liaise with the Issue Manager on behalf of the Council. The sub-committee will have 6 members being 1 Councillor from each geographic region and the Council Chair. The Issue Manager will issue a call for volunteers shortly.

5.04 IT WAS RESOLVED to put out a call for nominations to fill the vacant council seat in the European region arising from the resignation of Bart Boswinkel.

Meeting closed 12:50pm UTC