Mar del Plata, Argentina (6th April 2005)

Minutes - ccNSO Council Meeting

Mar del Plata

6 April 2005

In Attendance:


Chris Disspain

Bart Boswinkel

Hiro Hotta

Young Eum Lee

Olivier Guillard

Patricio Poblete

Dotty Sparks de Blanc

Fernando Espana

Paulos Nyirenda

Eva Frvlich

Yassin Mshana

Bernard Turcotte

Oscar Robles

Eduardo Santoyo

Ondrej Filip

Victor Ciza


Giovanni Seppia (European Region)

Erick Iriarte (ALAC)


Charles Shaban

Mohammed El Bashir

Luis Furlan


4.01 IT WAS RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meetings of 14 December 2004 and 18 January 2005 be adopted.

4.02 Given that Yann Kwok from the African region and Petr Kral from the European region stood down from the Council and did not re-nominate IT WAS RESOLVED that Yann Kwok and Petr Kral be formally thanked for their contribution to the Council.

4.03 IT WAS RESOLVED that Erick Iriarte be formally recognized as ALACas liaison to the ccNSO Council.

4.04 IT WAS RESOLVED that the ccNSO appoint Ron Sherwood from .vi as the ccNSO liaison to the ALAC.

4.05 Given that Peter Dengate-Thrush was appointed in February 2005 as a ccNSO nomination to the Board of ICANN and given that his term is due to expire on 5 June 2005 IT WAS RESOLVED that it would not be necessary to run a members election for the position on expiry and that he be re-nominated at the expiry of the current term.

4.06 IT WAS RESOLVED that Luis Furlan be formally recognized as the LACTLD observer to the Council.

4.07 IT WAS RESOLVED that the current ICANN Budget and ccTLD Fees to ICANN Working Group be disbanded and that an ICANN Budget Working group be formed comprising Bart Vastenburg, Dotty Sparks de Blanc, Young Eum Lee and Eva Frvlich.

4.08 IT WAS RESOLVED that a ccTLD Fees to ICANN Working Group be formed to consider possible models for ccTLDs to pay fees to ICANN and that a call for members be circulated. The Working Group will be temporarily chaired by Chris Disspain.

4.09 The Council believes that the ccNSO will need a 2 day meeting in Luxembourg. The Chair will liaise with ICANN staff to organize this.

4.10 Having requested comments from members IT WAS RESOLVED that the ccNSO Council formally endorse the WSIS Working Group Stakeholder Statement Regarding Support for ICANN.

4.11 Members of the European ccTLDs have been talking to Council members about a number of changes to the bylaws that would encourage them to join the ccNSO. A document was sent to ICANN by CENTR providing an overview of the problems they consider to be associated with the bylaws. ICANN has subsequently handed this matter to the ccNSO to action. CENTR proposes changes to the Policy Development Process (PDP) and changes to the ICANN bylaws. Under the bylaws, in order to change the PDP the ccNSO needs to conduct a PDP and whilst there may be other ways to recommend changes to the ccNSO bylaw the Council would only consider doing so by use of the PDP.

Council is considering launching a PDP to see whether there is consensus in the ccTLD community on the changes. If this is done the CENTR paper is not the only issue that may be considered, others could also identify changes they would also like considered. The PDP requires input from outside and the first step is to prepare an Issues Report. The Council will consider whether to start the process via teleconference in two to three weeks time.

IT WAS RESOLVED that the CENTR paper and an explanation of the suggested process will be forwarded to the members and ccTLD discussion lists within the next 48 to 72 hours seeking input to assist the Council in making the decision.

A sub-committee of Council members will be brought together by Bart Boswinkel to co-ordinate the process.

4.12 Bart Boswinkel stood down as Vice Chair of the ccNSO Council. IT WAS RESOLVED that Patricio Poblete be appointed Vice Chair of the ccNSO Council.

4.13 Bart Boswinkel will be resigning from the Council after the next telephonic Council meeting. IT WAS RESOLVED to thank Bart for his extraordinary contribution to the formation and running of the ccNSO and to the ccTLD community and wish him well for the future.

Meeting closed 9:50am