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Member Profile: .mk

Full Name of Registry: Macedonian Academic Research Network Skopje – MARnet

Address: Blvd. Partizanski Odredi br.17, Skopje, R.Macedonia

Phone: +389.2 32 56 56 1


Founding date: 1994

Registration Model: registry/registrar model, but direct registrations are allowed for state institutions.

Number of domain names: +26 000

History: MARnet is a Registry for ccTLD .mk and IDN ccTLD .мкд.

Since the begings MARnet's main purposes is administration of .mk top level domain as national service and to provide Internet connectivity and services to the Macedonian academic and educational society.

The ccTLD .mk was initially delegated to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia in 1994, but was later re-delegated to MARnet in 2014.

In 2013 the liberalization of the registration for .mk domains was realized and the next year the Registry/Registrar system was implemented. The first Registrars were accredited during the 2014.

MARnet is a member of international organizations around the world (CENTR, ccNSO, RIPE).