Member Profile: .hr

Full Name of Registry: Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET

Contact details (address, phone, fax, general enquiries): Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET, Josipa Marohnica 5 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Tel: +385 1 666 1 730

Fax: +385 1 666 1 930

General enquieries:

Founding Date: 1991

Registration model: direct (free domains) + registrars (chargeable domains)

Number of domain names: 102,381 (September 2018) Current statistics at:

History: CARNET started as a project from Ministry of Science and Technology in 1991 and was the first ISP in Croatia. In February 1993 CARNET was assigned the administration over the top-level .hr domain by Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA). Croatian government established the institution of CARNET with a decree on March 1st, 1995. Since then CARNET's main purposes are to provide Internet connectivity and services to the Croatian academic and educational society including administration of .hr top level domain as national service.