Member Profile: .gw

Full Name of Registry: Autoridade Reguladora Nacional - ARN

Contact details (address, phone, fax, general enquiries):
Enterramento, Atrás do Hospital Militar, 1372, Bissau - Guiné-Bissau

Founding date: 2010

Registration Model (Registry/Registrar system; Direct registrations; Both): Both

Number of domain names: 1,240 as of October 2022. Current statistics at: []


In 2010, the ARN succeeded the ICGB (which existed since 1999) in its legal personality, maintaining all legal or contractual rights and obligations, which form part of the legal sphere respectively. It is endowed with legal personality, with administrative and financial autonomy, with its own information and communication heritage.

The ARN aims to support the Government in the coordination, supervision and communication, as well as in the regulation, supervision, supervision by information technology and technical representation of the information and communication technology sector under the terms of the presented law.

The ARN is independent in the exercise of its duties, within the framework of the law, without functions of the technology of the guiding principles of information and communication policy defined by the Government, in the constitutional and legal terms, and of the acts subject to the supervision of the entity designated by the Government, under the terms provided for by law.

Since 10 July 2014, the ARN has been responsible for the National Internet Top Domain of Guinea-Bissau: .GW This international responsibility attributed by the IANA – Ased Numbers Authority is attributed to entities and entities for the registration and management of .GW, the Guinea-Bissau domain.