ccNSO Council Decisions on Requests for Input 2023


Number Topic Request Source Request Summary Triage Committee Decision ccNSO Council Decision (if any) Date
28-2023 Streamlining resource request from ICANN community ICANN org ICANN org will end the ABR process beginning with the FY2025 OP&B process. The annual OP&B process is better understood, and several ICANN community groups already align their operations and planning work to it. Streamlining resource requests from the ICANN community into a single process is expected to result in more efficiencies. Deferred to Council Discussion during council meeting #200 on 16 November 16 November 2023
27-2023 Retirement of Non-Policy Recommendations ICANN org ICANN org shared a document named "Draft Process to Retire Non-Policy Recommendations" with SO/AC Chairs and expects their feedback by 30 November. The process pertains exclusively to non-policy recommendations that emerge from Reviews and Cross-Community Working Groups, aligning with the objective of the implementation of ATRT3 Recommendation 5. Deferred to Council During Council meeting 199 in October 2023, Council tasked GRC to look into this 16 November 2023
26-2023 Formation of a Continuous Improvement Program Community Coordination Group (CIP-CCG) ICANN org ICANN org reached out to SO/AC Chairs and sent them a full letter and a draft CIP-CCG terms of reference to propose the formation of a CIP-CCG to convene in December 2023. The goal is to develop a framework for implementation of ATRT3 Recommendation 3.6. The feedback from SO/AC Chairs is expected by 30 November. Deferred to Council During Council meeting 199 in October 2023, Council tasked GRC to look into this 26 October 2023
25-2023 ICANN Community Excellence Award Selection Panel ICANN org

ICANN Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee Leaderships are invited to appoint up to two individuals from their communities to comprise the 2024 ICANN Community Excellence Award Selection Panel by Monday, 11 December 2023.

2024 ICANN Community Excellence Award will be presented at ICANN79 in San Juan. A nomination period will be open from 13 November 2023 through 8 January 2024. ICANN is convening a community selection panel that will review the nominations and select the award recipient(s).

Deferred to Council Discussion during council meeting #200 on 16 November 16 November 2023
24-2023 Update Grant Program Implementation ICANN planning and finance

Letter by Xavier Calvez to the Chairs of the Chartering Organizations of the Cross-Community Working Group on Auction Proceeds (CCWG-AP). After the CCWG-AP concluded its work in 2020, each Chartering Organization approved the report before it was provided to the ICANN Board for consideration. ICANN Board adopted the CCWG-AP recommendations, and ICANN org is working toward implementation. ICANN Board Chair sent an email to the former members of the CCWG-AP to inform them of the Board's intention to direct ICANN org to change the implementation path of the CCWG-AP's Recommendation 7, which was focused on limiting the use of ICANN's accountability mechanisms to challenge individual application decisions made by the independent assessment panel. the ICANN Board intends to now direct ICANN org to achieve this recommendation through the applicant terms and conditions that grant applicants will agree to when submitting their grant application. The ICANN org team looks forward to providing further public updates on the progress of the ICANN Grant Program across various communication avenues, including via former CCWG-AP members and SO/AC leaders. Recognizing that the former members of the CCWG-AP now act in their individual capacity, asks feedback whether SO/ACs are comfortable in having them engage in this conversation or whether it should be held differently. GNSO Council raised concerns.

17 Oct 2023: Xavier Calvez to Sebastien Ducos

3 Oct 2023: Sebastien Ducos to Xavier Calvez

18 Aug 2023: Xavier Calvez to SO/AC Chairs

Suggestion to include item for discussion and decision at Council meeting 200 on 16 November 2023. Proposal is to request former ccNSO appointed members to the CCWG-AP to serve as contact points regarding Grant Program implementation related issues, recognising they act in their individual capacity. This propsed approach is analogue to ccPDP implementation, where the Working Group remains in stand-by during the implementation phase. Discussion during council meeting #200 on 16 November 16 November 2023
23-2023 Participate in the next Strategic Plan Environmental Scan Webinar ICANN org In September, the ICANN Board launched the strategic planning process for fiscal years 2026–2030, as input for a new five-year ICANN Strategic Plan. The first phase of this process involves identifying external opportunities and threats, and internal strengths and weaknesses, that will inform the Board's strategy formulation. (referred to as environmental scan) ICANN held a hybrid community environmental scan session at ICANN78. The next edition will be held 16 November 2023 at 16:00 UTC Secretariat to share the invite with SOPC and Council (completed)   16 November 2023
22-2023 Call for Nominations: ICANN Academy 2024 Leadership Program ICANN org call for nominations for the 2024 Leadership Program, to be held prior to ICANN79. The Leadership Program helps current and incoming leaders better understand the complexities of ICANN, while also helping to develop their facilitation skills. Deferred to Council Council decision during meeting 199 at ICANN78: small team of Councillors will make a selection, which will be sent to full Council for approval. 16 November 2023
21-2023 Pilot Holistic Review draft ToR ICANN Board The ICANN Board is seeking the community's input on the proposed Pilot Holistic Review Revised Draft Terms of Reference. This is an update to the first version posted for Public Comment in August 2022 and has been modified to reflect community input. Deferred to Council The ccNSO Council initiates the ccNSO Council Statement as provided in the relevant Guideline ( to provide input on the second draft Terms of Reference for the pilot Holistic Review. 26 October 2023
20-2023 NextGen@ICANN Mentor Program Nominations ICANN org NextGen@ICANN asks interested community groups to appoint min. 1 and max. 3 mentors. seen the limited relevance of the NextGen Programme for the ccNSO and its members, and related triage recommendations and council decisions since 2020, the ccNSO Secretariat informs NextGen Support staff the ccNSO will not appoint a mentor. Also, the ccNSO did not appoint any members to the Selection Committee.   1 November 2023
19-2023 Proposed Updates to Existing Rights Protection Mechanisms Documentation ICANN org proposed implementation of the Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) Phase 1 Policy Development Process (PDP) recommendations that call for updates to existing procedural documentation concerning the RPMs No action required   3 October 2023
18-2023 ccNSO proposed Review Mechanism policy (ccPDP3-RM) ccNSO proposed policy on the introduction of a review mechanism for specific decision pertaining to the delegation, transfer, revocation, and retirement of ccTLDs to the ICANN Board of Directors ( ICANN is seeking Public Comment on the proposed policy No action required   28 September 2023
17-2023 ccPDP Initial Report (de)selection IDN ccTLDs (ccPDP4) ccNSO The ccNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) 4 Working Group seeks community input and comments on the proposed policy. The proposals focus on four (4) stages with respect to Internationalized Domain Name country code Top Level Domains (IDNccTLDs) No action required   27 September 2023
16-2023 PTI / IANA Governance Proposal ICANN org additional flexibility in timelines for delivery of the IANA-related plans. Deferred to Council. Council and SOPC both made a submission. Read more 5 July 2023
15-2023 Bylaw changes pertaining to ICANN's Nominating Committee ICANN org

the proposed amendments would:
1/ Require that three of the NomCom's eight selections to the ICANN Board of Directors meet a new qualification requirement of being "Unaffiliated" (Article 7 of the Bylaws).
2/ Change NomCom delegates' terms to serve two-year terms, instead of one year (Article 8).
3/ Transform all NomCom delegates into voting delegates, except for leadership (Article 8).
4/ Create a NomCom Standing Committee to provide continuity across annual NomCom cycles and to build the institutional memory of the NomCom, since the NomCom itself operates on a tight timeline and needs to focus on its recruiting and evaluation activities. (Article 8).
5/ Define how these new requirements will be transitioned into practice (Article 27).

Launch a ccNSO Council statement procedure   18 May 2023
14-2023 Invitation to Review Participation in the GNSO EPDP-IDNs GNSO Council Invitation to Review Participation concerning the Expedited Policy Development Process on Internationalized Domain Names (EPDP-IDNs). As the EPDP Team is expected to start its Phase 2 deliberations soon, each ICANN community group is invited to review its participation in the EPDP Team, and to confirm its existing Members or to appoint new Members as appropriate. In line with the approach for phase 1, the ccNSO will not appoint any representatives to this effort. However, the call for volunteers will be shared with ccPDP4-IDN WG, for interested individuals to join. The ccNSO Triage Committee Chair will inform relevant ICANN staff about this decision (completed)   15 May 2023
13-2023 SOs/ACs to provide feedback on Fellowship Program outreach and promotion goals   SOs/ACs are asked to contribute to the Fellowship Program's strategy for outreach and promotion by providing feedback on suggested diversity targets for the Fellowship Program. Interested community groups should contact to receive a form to complete. Groups should aim to return the forms by 15 May 2023.

Secretariat to check with current Fellowship mentor on further details about the proposals

Fellowship mentor to respond to survey along the lines of previous submissions (completed)

  15 May 2023
12-2023 NomCom rebalancing ICANN Board Chair ccNSO was asked to provide input on questions such as what does a rebalanced NomCom mean, does NomCom need to be rebalanced, how frequent the balance should be assessed etc. This request will be addressed directly by Council Discussion during Council meeting 195 on 18 May 2023 15 May 2023
11-2023 IANA Naming Function Review Bylaws Changes ICANN org Request for comments: As part of the Fundamental Bylaws Amendment Process, ICANN seeks input on a comprehensive package of amendments to Articles 18 and 19 of the ICANN Bylaws, which define ICANN and the community's obligations regarding the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Naming Function Reviews. This request will be addressed directly by Council TBC TBC
10-2023 Appointment representatives to IRT ICANN org Following the publication of a recent blog 'Next Round of New gTLDs: Forming the Implementation Review Team', ICANN organization invites all SO/ACs to nominate a representative and an alternate to the New gTLD Program Next Round Implementation Review Team (IRT). The ccNSO has not participated in SubPro, with the exception of WS5. Although individual organisations, managing a ccTLD, may have an interest in the implementation of the SubPro recommendations, this is not not a general area of interest for ccTLDs. Therefore, the ccNSO will not participate in this effort. This is in line with GRC's proposed implementation guidance. staff recommends the Triage Committee to consult Council on this matter, given the impact of the SubPro implementation on ICANN as a whole. The ccNSO Council agreed with the assessment by the Triage Committee. 12 April 2023
09-2023 GNSO Transfer Policy Review Policy Development Process Working Group (PDP WG) - Request for
Early Input on Group 2 Topics
GNSO PDP WG that is tasked with reviewing the Transfer Policy the GNSO PDP WG that is tasked with reviewing the Transfer Policy

and determining if changes to the policy are needed to improve the ease, security, and efficacy of

inter-registrar and inter-registrant transfers

no action required, as it relates to gTLDs   11 April 2023
08-2023 ICANN Request for Proposal: ICANN-Designated Agent for Registrar Data Escrow (RDE) Services ICANN org ICANN issued issued a request for proposal (RFP) to identify one or more ICANN-designated Registrar Data Escrow (RDE) agent(s) qualified to provide RDE services to collectively support ICANN's global population of accredited registrars, with a primary focus on the populations from North America and Europe. none, as it relates to gTLDs   11 April 2023
07-2023 Kick-Off FY 25 Planning Process ICANN planning ICANN is kicking off the FY25 Planning Cycle, beginning with the strategic outlook trend program.Community members can participate in trend identification sessions through their SupportingOrganization (SO) or Advisory Committee (AC). ICANN will collaborate with SO and AC chairs andsupport teams to schedule sessions in March and April 2023

in line with the approach from previous years, SOPC and Council will be invited to participate in the strategic trends excercise

5 April 2023
06-2023 GGP Applicant Support Subject Matter Expert Input Request GNSO Guidance Process Working Group chair the GNSO Council has approved the GNSO Guidance Process (GGP) Initiation Request to perform work on Applicant Support. WG now needs to identify experts with expertise to aid in tasks 3, 4, and 5" (see pages 3-5 of the Initiation Request). Experts need to have skills, knowledge and experience pertinent to forming an effective Applicant Support Program. GNSO Council will provide guidance on the aggregated skill set that is needed for the group (for example: grant and reviewing, regional DNS participation, DNS marketplace economics, cost-benefit analyses, TLD operations, DNS cyber-security, and TLD investment).

Council chair to inform GGP leadership the ccNSO will not appoint any experts

17 February 2023
05-2023 Apply now for ICANN and PTI leadership positions NomCom The Nominating Committee (NomCom) of ICANN is accepting applications for key leadership positionswithin ICANN's Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees, the ICANN Board of Directors, andthe Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) Board of Directors share announcement with ccTLDs (completed)   17 February 2023
04-2023 ICANN and UASG announce inaugural UA day and call for proposals ICANN org and UASG The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the Universal AcceptanceSteering Group (UASG) are calling for event proposals for the inaugural Universal Acceptance (UA) Dayto be held on 28 March 2023. Organized by the volunteer-led UASG and supported by ICANN, UA Daywill be an opportunity to rally local, regional, and global communities and organizations to spread UAawareness and to encourage UA adoption with key stakeholders. Proposals will be accepted until 31January 2023 deadline for event proposals passed. ccNSO to share agenda once available   17 February 2023
03-2023 Request for public comments on proposed procedure for selecting a TLD for private use ICANN org ICANN org has published an initial version of the procedure for how it will choose a string, and we need your input on whether that procedure fulfils the recommendation and the criteria given in SAC113. Note that the input we need is on the procedure itself, but not on the criteria from SAC113. That is, ICANN org will use the criteria as published and not change them. ICANN org is explicitly not seeking input on possible strings that meet the criteria in SAC113. No action required   17 February 2023
02-2023 ICANN request for quotation ICANN org ICANN org issued a request for quotation (RFQ) to identify one or more providers to facilitate the sourcing and pre-configuration ofpredetermined storage area network equipment for its data centers No action required   17 February 2023
01-2023 ICANN Request for Information: gTLD Application Life Cycle System ICANN org ICANN organization issued a request for information (RFI) seeking to evaluate vendors interested insupporting the implementation of a new enterprise system to aid ICANN staff in the collection and processing of applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). No action required   17 February 2023