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Date Topic Resolutions and Decisions
7 February 2020 Adjusted timeline

Intermeeting decision


In accordance with the Guideline ccNSO Nominations Board Seat 11 and 12 ( ), the ccNSO Council appointed the Nomination Manager and adopted the timeline for the Board Seat 11 Nomination process at its 22 August 2019 meeting. As part of the Nomination process, and according to the adopted timeline the ccNSO members were invited to vote on their preferred candidate from Tuesday, 14 January 2020 (00:01 UTC)until Friday, 31 January 2020 (23:59 UTC). A few hours after the voting process was opened, the Nomination Manager noted the ballot circulated to the members did not allow to vote on one of the three candidates. After this was determined, the election process was closed, the Nomination Manager informed the ccNSO Council and ccNSO community, announced a new round of voting and send new ballots to the relevant representatives of the ccNSO members. This new round run from 15 January 2020, 00.01 UTC until 31 January 2020 (23.59 UTC).


The ccNSO Council confirms the adjusted timeline of the nomination process. The ccNSO Council believes that the adjusted timeline is well within the margins for the duration of the voting period (between two( 2) and three (3) weeks) as required under the relevant Guideline, and given the issue at was within the power of the Nomination Manager to resolve.

23 January 2020 Guideline Adoption


The ccNSO Council adopts the joint ccNSO- GNSO Special IANA Function Review Guideline version 1, as presented to Council. The ccNSO Council request the GRC to develop related procedures with respect to the Special IANA Function Review. The Chair of the ccNSO is requested to inform the Chair of the GNSO Council of the adoption by the Council as soon as this decision becomes effective. The Secretariat is requested to post this resolution and the adopted Guideline as soon as possible.

23 January 2020 Appointment: PDP Launch Oversight Committee


The ccNSO Council appoints Katrina Sataki (chair and EU), Pablo Rodiguez (NA), Hiro Hotta (AP), Margarita Valdes ( LAC), Abdalla Omari ( AF) and Laura Margolis (NomCom) and Marie-Noémie Marques (NomCom) as the PDP Launch oversight committee that will oversee the work of the Issue Manager to ensure an adequate definition of the issues at stake and progress of the drafting effort. The PDP Launch committee will be appointed up and until the draft Issue Report has been submitted to the ccNSO Council.

23 January 2020 Letter Adoption


In light of the need to change Article 10 and Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws as foreseen under ccPDP2 to lift the barriers for IDNccTLD Managers to become members of the ccNSO if they choose to do so and to address the issue identified by the ccPDP3 Retirement Working Group, the ccNSO Council adopts the 22 January 2020 version of the letter to the ICANN Board of Directors and request its Chair to send it on behalf of Council. This decision becomes effective 7 days after its publication on the ccNSO website.

14 January 2020 Launch PDP 4.0

Intermeeting decision

  1. In accordance with Annex B section 1 of the ICANN Bylaws the ccNSO Council requests an Issue Report, which should address the following topics:

    1. whether or not the ccnso should initiate the ccnso policy development process on the (de-)selection of idn cctld strings (ccpdp4) and other areas listed in the final report of the preliminary review team and, with respect to the de-selection be guided by and build-upon the process for the retirement of cctlds.

    2. whether or not to convene a taskforce or use other method to address these issues.

    In addition, if the conclusion of the Issue Report is to initiate a ccNSO Policy Development Process, the ccNSO Council requests that the Issue Report include a proposed time line for conducting each of the stages of PDP outlined in Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws (PDP Time Line).

  2. In preparing the Issue Report, and in proposing a time line for conducting each stage of ccPDP4 the Issue Manager should take into consideration and be guided by the following documents:
  3. The ccNSO Council expects the Issue Report by its February 2020 meeting.
  4. In accordance with Annex B section 2 of the ICANN Bylaws the ccNSO Council appoints Bart Boswinkel, VP Policy Support – ccNSO relations, as Issue Manager.
  5. The secretariat is requested is publish this resolution as soon as possible.