ccNSO Community Onboarding Programme (COP) Selection Committee

About the ccNSO COP Selection Committee

The ccNSO COP Selection Committee is responsible for receiving and assessing all applications by candidate mentors and mentees under the ccNSO COP. The committee will ensure that a simple mechanism exists by which applicants may apply for mentor or mentee-ship. The Committee will assess the applications according to the selection criteria included in the ccNSO COP Terms of Reference.

About the ccNSO COP

The ccNSO COP is designed to improve engagement and retention of new participants within the ccNSO by creating a structured, year-round onboarding process and mentorship structure, tailored by and for the ccNSO.

The ICANN Community Onboarding Programme results from discussions between the community and the ICANN starting at ICANN49 and concluding at ICANN51. This broader consultation process sought to address volunteer burnout and improve newcomer retention rates. In January 2016, the ICANN COP Pilot was launched to develop an individualized, tailored mentorship process. The programme concluded at the end of ICANN's FY18.

The objective of the ccNSO COP is to continue a COP tailored to the needs and within the limits of the ccNSO environment. The Terms of Reference, adopted by the council during its December 2018 meeting, documents processes and procedures pertaining to the ccNSO COP, and defines roles and responsibilities of those involved in the application, assessment and decision-making processes regarding the ccNSO COP.

COP Selection Committee Members

  • Biyi Oladipo, .ng
  • Alejandra Reynoso, .gt
  • Laura Margolis (NomCom appointed councillor),

Staff Support

  • Joke Braeken