Wafa Dahmani

Senior Engineer,Stakeholder Development Liasion at AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry for AFRICA

Former CTO at the Tunisian National Cybersecurity Agency (2020-2022)

Former Head of Network information center and in charge of commercial and competitive

intelligence in 'Tunisie Internet' (ATI), Internet Service Provider and the cctld technical registry

She was responsible for the administration of the technical DNS plateform and the IP registry.

She lead DNSSEC project and participated in the work of the IPv6 taskforce for the deployment of IPv6.

She has lead the deployment of the technical platform in collaboration with the ISPs to adopt the 3R model of .tn management and supporting the new local registrars technically and the deployment of DNSSEC

She built the sales team and was responsible for the business and communication strategy of ATI.

She also volunteered and participated in MENA region outreach (ICANN Middle East strategy) by organizing awareness and education events for the academia sector on DNS operations and IPv6 deployment.

Former Positions within the at large internet community:

- December 2016, elected member of Governance Committee within AFRINIC for three years and

served as a Chair

- January 2016, nomcommed to the advisory At-large committee ( ALAC member ) within ICANN for

two years

-December 2017 , appointed by UN Secretary-General as a multi-stakeholder advisory group member of

the Global Forum on Internet Governance (3 years term)

- January 2018 appointed by the AFRINIC Board to the appeal and served as a chair

- June 2018 Elected to appeal committee member in.(serving as a chair)

- AFRINIC Board appointed member to ASO AC (2019-2020)

-Global IGF MAG-Member (2018-2020)