Biographical Information on Rolando Toledo

Internet Project Specialist. Directs since 2001 the Red Científica Peruana, which is responsible for administering the ccTLD .pe, a platform management technology solutions for SMEs and the development of an ICT project laboratory. He is founder and director of the, the first Peruvian citizen journalism platform.

Academic training

2004 - 2006 Universidad del Pacifico
Master of Marketing
2000 - 2002 ESAN
Master of Business Administration
1991 - 1995 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Degree in Economics
1987 - 1990 Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Working history

1999 - till now


Internet pioneer in Peru, is responsible for the development of platforms for information and communication technologies for citizen empowerment. It has three areas: the administrative area of ​​ the, the laboratory of ICT projects and telecom Yachay boutique, a virtual telecommunications operator oriented SMEs and pioneer in the cloud computing model. Among the main achievements of the Red Cientifica Peruana is the launch of public booth model, a platform of community Internet access currently is the main source of Internet access in Peru (80%), creating the first network service integrated SMB and launch the first Peruvian citizen journalism platform called

In 1999, Rolando Toledo joined to work in the project area of the Red Cientifica Peruana, where he developed and implemented the IP telephony project. Also, he was part of the design team in the area of ​​ applications and content and was part of the group that negotiated and implemented Red Uno Corporation, a regional holding company founded for the deployment of public booth model in Latin America.

In 2001 he assumed the leadership of the Red Cientifica Peruana, which was responsible for restructuring the company. Redirect the company's debt and designed a business plan that gave viability. Transformed the ISP model of the Red Cientifica Peruana in a small business application provider, becoming the first telco to offer virtual fixed-line services, long distance, telephone exchanges and security on the Internet.

In 2002 he started the policy change of the NIC .PE (. Pe), forming a multisectoral commission of domain names. In 2007 was adopted the new policies in a multi stake holder model, positioning the .pe domains as one of the most modern in the region and has served as a model for several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2000 developed the portal Yachay, a project that integrated a search engine with its own online newspaper called "Peru al dia". During that time he developed in conjunction with the Development Gateway, Nakuy, a 2.0 portal for exchange of successful experiences in ICT for development.

In 2008 he was appointed national coordinator of the World Summit Award, an award established by the United Nations for recognition, exchange and appropriation of ICT best practices in the world.

In 2009 he promoted and launched, an innovative platform for citizen journalism.

Among the projects under development is the creation of the Virtual Museum of Memory, a space for discussion of the internal conflict faced by Peru, where coexist the official curator of the museum with personal curatorial, allowing the creation of both discourses on violence as a personal museum web 2.0 perspective.

Director of Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure, Director of Nap Peru, Director Country Code Name Support Organization.

1996 - 2000

I Holding

Peruvian company specialized in developing e-business sites: Compras America, Gestión de Proveedores and Oferta Laboral.

Founding director.

1986 - 1996 He combined his studies with work as a journalist for various local media as Página Libre, La República y Caretas magazine.