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Patricio V. Poblete

Patricio V. Poblete holds a Math. Eng. from the University of Chile (1976) and a M.Math. and a Ph.D. (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo (1977 and 1982).

In 1975, he was one of the founders of the first department of Computer Science in Chile, at the University of Chile, and he is currently Full Professor of Computer Science and Director of the School of Engineering and Science of the University of Chile, where he has led several initiatives to improve teaching and learning.

His main area of research is the mathematical analysis of algorithms, with applications to data structures, and has published many papers in this area.

He was also one of the pioneers of the Internet in Chile, and he organized and is to date director of NIC Chile, the domain name registry for .CL. In that capacity, he has participated in the ICANN process since its beginning. He was a member of the Names Council of the DNSO and was Vice Chair of the Council of the ccNSO.