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Keith Davidson

Keith comes from a long history of engagement in newspaper printing and publishing, and became interested in the Internet in the mid 1980's as a potential delivery vehicle for printers and their customers. He owned and managed a small ISP in the 1990's and early 2000's.

Keith has a long association with InternetNZ, which formed in 1995 and is the delegated manager for the .nz ccTLD. He has served on the InternetNZ Council initially as Treasurer and for four years as President. He also served as Executive Director for a further four years until 2009, and is now contracted by InternetNZ to manage key international relationships.

Other positions currently held by Keith include Chair of APTLD, the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association, and one of the three Advisory Council Officers in ISOC, the Internet Society. He is also active in the IGF arena globally and on a regional and sub-regional basis.

Since ICANN's inception in 1998 Keith has been a regular participant taking a special interest in ccTLD management and policies.