Jiankang Yao

Jiankang Yao received his Master's degree of Computer Science in National University of Singapore and joined CNNIC in 2003 as a research engineer.

In CNNIC, he had a further study and received his Ph.D. degree of Computer Software and Theory in CNIC, CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences). His main research interests include but not limit to EAI, IDN, DNS, and Internet naming.

Since the 62nd IETF meeting in 2005, he has been active in the IETF and has experience in working as the IETF WG co-chair and secretary. Especially, he made a lot of contribution to EAI BOF and WG. In order to help to move EAI documents from experimental RFCs to Standards Track RFCs, he did a lot of EAI implementation and testing. Moreover, he got the APEC funding for EAI deployment as the overseer. Currently he serves as the Co-Secretary of the Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC). He is also the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) member.