Dotty Sparks de Blanc Bio

Dotty Sparks de Blanc, President of COBEX International Inc., is Administrative Contact for ICANN for the US Virgin Islands (.VI) country code domain Registry. She has served as one of 3 North American representatives to the ccNSO Council (country code Names Supporting Organization) of ICANN since 2003.

She took over this role on the death of Peter de Blanc, the real Internet mentor, and brings a different business component with her. Her educational background has primarily focused on economics and finance. Dotty holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) credential. a BA in economics From Wellesley College, Wellesley MA., studied International economics at Harvard University and Corporate Finance at Northeastern University.1970-1972 she was Instructor in Economics (Corporate Finance) at Wellesley College.

Her primary career has been in the money management side of the Investment Business in Boston.where at the time she was among the women pioneers in the field of investment security analysis. with a personal specialty in the pharmaceutical industry. She was the founding president of the Health Care Analysts of Boston, served on the Board of Directors of the Boston Society of Security Analysts, and was a member of the program committee of the Financial Analysts Federation of New York

Moving to the Caribbean and partnering with Peter de Blanc,opened a new world of leading edge computer technology. As a member of the COBEX/Octagon team which brought the first Internet access to the U.S. Virgin Islands Dotty remains committed to the driving objective of expanding Internet access to developing countries to bring their people and economies to a level playing field with the developed economies in the rest of the world. This position has grown from work in the 80.s and early 90's on microcomputer projects for UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organization) in the Eastern Caribbean, as Project Manager, Analyst and Trainer for feasibility studies, computer training and project implementation.