Alejandra Reynoso

Alejandra holds BSc and MSc in Computer Science degrees from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), has worked as an associate researcher for the Herbarium UVAL (2006-2008) and as a professor of the Computer Science department in UVG since 2004.

In 2011 she joined the ccTLD .gt, as a researcher and technology developer. She went to her first ICANN meetings (Singapore 41 and San Jose 43) thanks to the fellowship program. As their motto is “Once a fellow, always a fellow”, she has been deeply involved with the fellowship community, volunteering as a newcomer coach.

As an active member of the ccNSO Ms. Reynoso has joined the Guideline Review Committee and the Programme Working Group. She is also working closely with LACTLD and the LAC technical community, participating in several committees such as: technical workshop program committee, LAC Strategic Plan Implementation 2013-­2016 Project 4.6.3: To fund internships of ccTLDs staff to learn best practices from other ccTLDs, and Project 4.6.1: To support a study to develop a business vision of the registry according to each of the ccTLDs needs.

Her native language is Spanish and is also proficient in English and Portuguese. She has been practicing yoga since 2010, is a dog and cat lover, a member of the university choir, loves to dance and always enjoys a good book or movie.