Election results: ccNSO Council Asia-Pacific region

26 November 2021

The voting in the elections for the position of ccNSO council member – Asia-Pacific region closed on Thursday, 25 November 2021 (23:59 UTC).This is to inform you about the election results.

Election Results

In accordance to the applicable rules, two candidates from the Asia-Pacific region were nominated, seconded and have accepted their nomination. Consequently, an election was held among the ccNSO members of the Asia-Pacific Region.

At the closure of the elections, 34 members (64 %) casted their votes: Anil Kumar Jain received 13 votes, and Jordan Carter received 21 votes.

As per the relevant guideline, a majority of all ccNSO members in the Geographic Region entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum, and the selected candidate must receive the votes of a majority of those cast by ccNSO members within the Geographic Region.


Only ccNSO members from a Geographic Region are allowed to vote for candidates to the ccNSO Council from that Geographic Region. When the ballots were distributed, the ccNSO counted 53 members from the Asia-Pacific region, who were all eligible to participate in the elections.

Next Steps

The Election Report - as prepared by the Election Process Manager - will be sent to the ccNSO Council for their consideration and adoption. As only one candidate was nominated and seconded within the nomination period for the African, European, Latin American / Caribbean and North American regions, no elections needed to be held in those regions. Since at the close of nominations there are no more valid candidates in the aforementioned geographic regions than there are seats on the ccNSO Council available for those regions, then the nominated candidates shall be selected to serve on the ccNSO Council. The term start of the appointed Councillors will be at the end of the ICANN73 Community Forum in March 2022.