Member Profile: .nz

Full Name of Registry: Internet New Zealand Inc Group - Domain Name Commission (policy and regulation); NZ Registry Services (registry)

Contact details (address, phone, fax):

Domain Name Commission
Level 9, Exchange Place
5-7 Willeston St
P O Box 11881
Wellington 6142

Tel: +64-4-4952111

Fax: +64-4-4952115

General enquiries:

NZ Registry Services
Level 9, Exchange Place
5-7 Willeston St
P O Box 24-361

Tel: +64-4-931-6970

Fax: +64-4-931-6979

General enquiries:

Founding date: 2002

Registration Model (Registry/Registrar system; Direct registrations; Both): Registry/registrar system

Number of domain names: 359,000 as at June 2009. Current statistics at:

History: Internet New Zealand Incorporated (InternetNZ - ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach to its ongoing development. InternetNZ holds the delegation for the .nz domain name space and has established two subsidiary companies, Domain Name Commission Ltd and New Zealand Domain Name Registry Ltd (trading as NZ Registry Services), to manage .nz. This structure provides the InternetNZ Council with the opportunity to focus on supporting the local Internet community and ensuring that there is group wide governance