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ccNSO Meetings Programme Working Group

The goal of the ccNSO Programme Working Group is to to coordinate and manage the agenda of the ccNSO general meeting during ICANN meetings.

ccNSO Programme Working Group Charter

Guidelines for Presenters at ccNSO Meetings, 2 May 2012


Working Group Members

  • Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD
  • Alejandra Reynoso Barral, .gt
  • Ondrej Filip, .cz (Observer)
  • Don Hollander, APTLD
  • Hiro Hotta, .jp
  • Young-Eum Lee, .kr
  • Eberhard Lisse, .na (Observer)
  • Allan MacGillivray, .ca
  • Barrack Otieno, AFTLD
  • Patricio Poblete, .cl
  • Katrina Sataki, .lv (Chair)
  • Peter Van Roste, CENTR

Support Staff

  • Bart Boswinkel
  • Gabriella Schittek

Notes and Reports