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ccNSO Technical Working Group

The purpose of the Tech Working Group is to provide the country code Top Level Domain ("ccTLD") community with advice and to share information on the technical and operational aspects of running a ccTLD.

Tech Working Group Charter


Working Group Members

  • Roy Arends, .uk (observer)
  • Dmitry Burkov, .ru
  • Jay Daley, .nz
  • Stephen Deerhake, .as
  • Luis Diego Espinoza, exper
  • Ondrej Filip, .cz (Vice Chair)
  • Patrik Fältström (observer)
  • Christian Hesselman, .nl
  • Don Hollander, APTLD (observer)
  • Patrick Hosein, .tt
  • Warren Kumari, Google
  • Erwin Lansing, .dk (observer)
  • Jacque Latour, .ca (observer)
  • HanSeng Lee, .kr
  • Eberhard Lisse, .na (Chair)
  • Slobodan Markovic, .rs GAC representative
  • Simon McCalla, .uk
  • Norm Richie, ISC
  • Nigel Roberts, .gg
  • Jose Romero, .pe


  • Patrick Jones, ICANN Staff

Notes and Minutes


Technical Workshops

Tech Day London (23 June 2014)

Tech Day Singapore (24 March 2014)

Tech Day Buenos Aires, Argentina (18 November 2013)

Tech Day Durban, South Africa (15 July 2013)

Tech Day Beijing, China (8 April 2013)

Tech Day 1 & 2 Toronto, Canada (14 & 15 October 2012)

Tech Day Prague, Czech Republic (25 June 2012)

Tech Day San Jose, Costa Rica (12 March 2012)

Tech Day Dakar, Senegal (24 October 2011)

Tech Day Singapore (20 June, 2011)

ccNSO Technical Workshop in cooperation with OARC, San Francisco, USA (13-14 March 2011)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Cartagena, Colombia (6 December 2010)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Brussels, Belgium (21 June 2010)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Nairobi, Kenya (8 March 2010)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Seoul, South Korea (16 October 2009)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Sydney, Australia (22 June 2009)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Mexico City, Mexico (2 March 2009)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Cairo, Egypt (3 November 2008)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Paris, France (23rd June 2008)

ccNSO Technical Workshop New Delhi, India (11th February 2008)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Los Angeles, USA (29th October 2007)

ccNSO Technical Workshop San Juan, Puerto Rico (28th June 2007)

ccNSO Technical Workshop Lisbon, Portugal (29 March 2007)

ccNSO Technical Workshop, Sao Paulo, Brazil (7th December 2006)