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ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Working Group

The goal of the Working Group is to coordinate and organise participation of ccTLD managers in ICANN's Strategic and Operational planning processes. The scope of activities of the Working Group is to do whatever it deems relevant and necessary to facilitate and improve participation of ccTLD managers in the aforementioned processes. The Working Group shall not act as a representative of the ccNSO Council, or individual ccTLD managers collectively or individually, unless they have been explicitly asked to do so.

SOP Working Group Charter, adopted on 17 August 2010

Former SOP Working Group Charter

Wiki work space SOP WG

Working Group Members

  • Abibu Ntahigiye, .tz
  • Aleksandar Popovic, .rs
  • Debbie Monahan, .nz
  • Dina Beer, .il
  • Giovanni Seppia, .eu (interim Chair)
  • Lesley Cowley, .uk
  • Leonid Todorov, .ru
  • Mathieu Weill, .fr
  • Paul Szyndler, .au
  • Peter Van Roste, CENTR
  • Philip Du Bois, .be
  • Roelof Meijer, .nl
  • Rosalia Morales, .cr
  • Stephan Deerhake, .as
  • Sarah Mhamilawa, .tz
  • Wafa Dahmani, .tn

Support Staff

  • Bart Boswinkel, ICANN/ccNSO Secretariat
  • Gabriella Schittek, ICANN/ccNSO Secretariat


For a full list of SOP Working Group-related documents, please go the SOP WG Wiki Workspace


Meeting Notes

Mp3 recordings of the Working Group meetings can be found at