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Telephone Conference (5th May 2005)

Minutes - ccNSO Council Meeting
by Telephone
3 May 2005 – 5 May 2005


Chris Disspain
Hiro Hotta
Young Eum Lee
Olivier Guillard
Patricio Poblete
Dotty Sparks de Blanc
Fernando Espana
Paulos Nyirenda
Oscar Robles
Eduardo Santoyo
Ondrej Filip
Mohammed El Bashir
Eva Fr�lich
Bernard Turcotte
Bart Vastenburg


6.01 IT WAS RESOLVED that a ccNSO Policy Development Process (PDP) be initiated to consider changes to ICANN Bylaws Article IX (Country-Code Names Supporting Organization), Annex B (ccNSO Policy-Development Process) and Annex C (the Scope of the ccNSO) to address the matters outlined in paragraphs A to M of Section 3.2 of the Issues Report prepared by Bart Boswinkel.

6.02 IT WAS RESOLVED that the PDP referred to in resolution 6.01 be run without a task force.

6.03 IT WAS RESOLVED that the timetable for the said PDP set out in the Issues Report be endorsed.

6.04 IT WAS RESOLVED that Bart Boswinkel continue as interim Issue Manager and that the current Council sub-committee (Members: Eva Fr�lich (Europe), Hiro Hotta (Asia Pacific), Paulos Nyirenda (Africa) and Patricio Poblete(Latin America) Kim von Arx ( .ca and North America) and Chris Disspain (Chair) continue to assist the interim Issue Manager.